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Thrive @ Work

6 weeks to a happier you: Master your work-life and thrive in this life-changing course.

Unhappy at work? Feeling stuck in a rut, unfulfilled and unmotivated?

You're not alone. Surveys have found that as many as one in three of us are unhappy in our careers.

This course unlocks the secrets to career happiness and thriving at work

Hi, I'm your course creator and tutor, Lisa LaRue

As a registered career development professional and accredited master practitioner coach, I have over 20 years of experience helping people thrive in their careers. My qualifications include a master's degree in career development and career coaching, along with numerous coaching and training qualifications. I am a part-time doctoral researcher of well-being and performance at work.

I'm passionate about helping people realise their strengths to thrive in their careers. I designed this course to share the latest insights into career happiness as well as practical tips and strategies for career fulfilment, happiness and success. I look forward to guiding you through your journey to thriving in your career. 


  • Waking up excited to go to work
  • Feeling energised and motivated throughout the day
  • Achieving your goals and feeling successful
  • Experiencing a sense of fulfilment and purpose
  • Living a happier and healthier life 

Thrive @ Work

A transformative self-paced, 6 week, 24 module course loaded with impactful exercises,

assessments and practical tools to help you thrive at work

Thrive @ Work


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